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from sketches to smiles, this is how we found our style


Each strip reflects the designer's world, with relatable situations and a touch of exaggeration. It's a happy accident turned hilarious series, a mirror to the lives of designers - and anyone who loves a good laugh!

tik-tok meetup2-2 Hurry up! meetup2-2 tik-tok meetup2-2 Hurry up! meetup2-2 tik-tok meetup2-2 Hurry up! meetup2-2
tik-tok meetup2-2 Hurry up! meetup2-2 tik-tok meetup2-2 Hurry up! meetup2-2 tik-tok meetup2-2 Hurry up! meetup2-2

Your Sketchbook Holds the Next Sand Saga!

Now you can share your epic sagas, bursting with adventure, laughter, and pure imagination. Think hilarious studio mishaps, the thrill of a tight deadline met, or the brainstorming sessions - all with a designer's twist.


Craft a story

Capture the vibrant Indian culture in your art. Tell us the quirks of your studio,colleagues. Don't forget that pinch of comedy.


Keep it Snappy

Showcase your story in 4-5 frames, featuring a minimum of two characters. Think of it as a mini-movie, each frame bursting with life.


Show Us Your Inpirations

Include references and sources to your inspiration so that we know about your how you can turn anything into a story.


One Language, One Laugh

Let's keep the communication clear - English is the mode of choice here however, we won't mind a little native language sprinkled for dramatic effects.


Find Your Style

Consistency is key! Choose a style that reflects your voice and maintain it across all your comic frames.

Reviewed by the BEST

Your artwork will be evaluated by these judges.

anil-sinha anil-sinha

Dr. Anil Sinha


Director - @GLS Institute of Design

punit-chawla punit-chawla

punit chawla


Hey! I am Punit, Come and Join Sandskriti.

atul-khola atul-khola

Atul Khola


Hey! I am Atul, Come and Join Sandskriti.

maitreyee-kalaskar maitreyee-kalaskar

maitreyee kalaskar

@MEE Studios

Hey! I am Maitreyee, Come and Join Sandskriti.

anshul-gupta anshul-gupta

Anshul gupta


Hey! I am Anshul, Come and Join Sandskriti.

Saptarshi Prakash Saptarshi Prakash

Saptarshi Prakash


Hey! I am Saptarshi, Come and Join Sandskriti.

Anil Reddy Anil Reddy

Anil Reddy


Hey! I am Anil, Come and Join Sandskriti.

Yogesh Gurera Yogesh Gurera

Yogesh Gurera


Hey! I am Yogesh, Come and Join Sandskriti.

mayur karodia mayur karodia
mayur karodia

mayur karodia

@Dropout Academy

Hey! I am Mayur, Come and Join Sandskriti.

Abhiraj Solanki Abhiraj Solanki
Abhiraj Solanki

Abhiraj Solanki


Hey! I am Abhiraj, Come and Join Sandskriti.

pramod sinha pramod sinha
pramod sinha

pramod sinha

@Sandskriti | @Sandcup

Hey! I am Pramod, Come and Join Sandskriti.

sand saga's rewards and perks


Infinity Coins

Each entry earns you ‘infinity coins’, valuable and redeemable for future Sandskriti Designer initiatives


The Ultimate Toolkit

Top winners will walk away with a professional artist's toolkit, including high-quality pens, markers, and ink brushes


Go Digital

Lucky winners will receive a graphic tablet with a stylus helping them to creating digital comics


Masterclass Moments

Hone your craft under the watchful eye of a master! The competition offers mentorship opportunities with industry experts


Star Power Spotlight

Winners will have their work showcased on all Sandskriti Designer creative platforms and assets.

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